Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We don’t have any particular products to display today but I just wanted to make a quick post to wish you all a Merry Christmas! And to thank you for your support since starting this blogging journey. I love writing and I love shopping and I love good theology, so for me I am having a blast doing this. I hope that it is fun for you and also helpful in your search to surround yourself, your home and your loved ones with the truth of God’s Word.

Starting in January, we will cut back to releasing one blog post per week. Each post will go live at 5 A.M. CST on Friday’s. This is simply because I feel it will allow me to promote the blog post longer, give any companies I work with more time to be promoted and run their codes and giveaways for us, and so I can make sure that I am prioritizing my home and responsibilities on the home front. I am so excited to continue writing and telling you about various ways/things to point your mind to Christ.

When you’re reading this it is not only Christmas Eve, but my birthday! As I reflect on this past year, I think about a lot of hard things that have taken place in my life. Yet, I deem this year one of the best. My husband and I grew ever closer through all the trials that this year brought as we leaned on one another and grew in our ability to empathize with one another. It was a year of no longer debating who had it harder- the one at home raising the kids or the one off at work providing for his family. Instead, we grew in our understanding that each role was equally important and equally tiresome and put that old silent battle to rest. While I spent a lot of time in and out of doctor’s offices and at home with sick kids (and myself), I learned the value of faithfulness in the ordinary. I learned how to look to the Lord when my hands were tied and my body was taken over by sickness. I learned how to nurture my children through stomach bugs and colds and ear infections. I was pushed further in my need to lean fully on God and His sovereignty as difficult family issues, hurt from different relationships, health scares and other things popped up. I feel so grateful for the many ways I was stretched this year.

We always think about how we would respond in momentous events in life but we neglect to see that our response in those times is built in the mundane. In fact, my pastor often reminds us from the pulpit that the majority of the Christian life is built not mountain top moments but instead a whole lot of ordinary. There is more ordinary Tuesday’s with frustrating lists of to-do’s, cranky children, demanding jobs, tiresome ministry, etc. than there are days of great successes or great losses. It is the “Tuesday’s” where our faith is truly built and equally, it is those Tuesday’s where our hearts can be best revealed. How did you respond to your toddler screaming over the wrong color cup? How did you respond when your children fought naps? How did you respond when your husband was slightly late returning home from work? Whatever those mundane irritations are that plague you day in and day out, you can see just how much God’s Word is affecting you as you respond to each of those. It is for this reason that I have grown passionate about redeeming the ordinary for God’s glory.

It is the “Tuesday’s” where our faith is truly built and equally, it is those Tuesday’s where our hearts can be best revealed.

I have grown a greater passion for the very work of the home that I surrendered to before my oldest was born 4 years ago. I am so thankful for this wonderful shift in my life this past year. I no longer feel the need to convince myself of the importance of this work the Lord has asked of me, but instead I am at a place where I ask “How can I do this where God receives the utmost glory?” That means asking how I can best teach my child the Scriptures, how I can best prevent anger amidst toddler tantrums and kids fighting sleeping. That means how can I position my home in a way that helps me and others think about the things of God and so much more. Thus, I began searching more pointedly for children’s books, home décor, gifts, clothing, etc. that would allow me and my family to render every detailed aspect of our lives over to the Lord. Instead of creating some private account or Pinterest board where I kept all of the information and ideas, I decided I would make The Christian Home: a blog and social media pages where I could compile a master resource for all of these things and hope that other people might enjoy it too. I hope that you have enjoyed it and that it’s also been a blessing to you. I am excited for what is to come. And I’m not going to lie to you, I’m even more excited right now to run off and celebrate with my family! Ha!

If you love what we’re doing here and want to continue to be a part of it or support us here are some great ways to do so:

  • Share our blog and/or social media pages with your friends. Spread the word so that we can get this information to more people! Engaging with any of our content like commenting on the blogs or any social media posts is helpful too!
  • Shop through our links. We partner with companies like Christianbook, Amazon, and Daily Grace Co. which are places you might already shop or want to shop and we make a teeny tiny portion of sales through our links. I don’t do this to make money, but it is a helpful encouragement in knowing that working on links and posts etc on those sites are a beneficial use of time for you all. If you want to see something linked, don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Collaborate with us! Do you have products or ideas that you think would be a good fit for our page? Let us know! E-mail and let’s work together!
  • Work with us. We don’t pay anything, but if you love and are passionate about what we are doing, I would love to find some people who could join our team to do the following: keep our Pinterest page up to date, write guest posts, help us on social media, etc. Email if interested!

Thank you all for supporting us here. I hope you have a blessed Christmas. I hope that it is fun and enjoyable but that mostly, Christ is glorified greatly in your hearts and homes this Christmas!

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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