Feature Friday: Light Filled Home

It is our last Feature Friday of 2019! Wow!

I hope that this journey has been and will continue to be a blessing to you all. One of the reasons I started this was to help myself get organized about taking advantage of every opportunity to teach my children about the Lord. One of the unique challenges I have found myself in this semester (my brain still thinks in semesters from my seminary days and because my husband is currently a teacher) is that I have neglected quiet time alone with God’s Word. Please hear me say that I have not all together neglected the Lord, but I have found myself busy with so many things that I have neglected to feed my own soul far too often. I recently told my husband that between the physical duties of parenting an 18 month old and 3 year old, feeding their little souls frequently throughout the day, working on The Christian Home blog, checking in on a friend or someone I am discipling, etc. etc., I have managed to feed the souls of others without ever feeding my own. Can anyone else relate?

This is quite possibly the only version of self-care you’ll hear me adamantly get behind as how can we be rightly ministering to others (even our own children) if we are not proactively taking in God’s Word ourselves each day?I’ll never forget my pastor talking from the pulpit one day about how your feasting on God’s Word is not just about you, but those around you also. C-O-N-V-I-C-T-I-O-N.

I have found a wonderful resource this semester that has helped in that through Light Filled Home with their Mama & Me Bible Study! It is so easy to sit down every morning and read the devotional with my kids, then as the boys go on to do their activity, finish their breakfast, or listen to some songs/podcast I am able to read through the mommy portion of that day’s devotion. Not to mention, if I could set aside 5-10 minutes before my boys get up, I could easily get in some time in the Word through this little devotional and be more prepared to go through the kids portion with my tiny disciples.

What I love most about this little devotional is it’s brief and simple but puts priority on God’s Word. While I don’t intend for this to always be my sole time in God’s Word throughout the day, it is an excellent tool to assure I am putting the Scriptures before me and helping shift my focus to God in a short window of time. It’s nice to have everything together in one small booklet while I set my mind on Christ and seek to minister to my children. I would say that this little study is specifically geared to infants and young toddlers and for the season of life that many moms find themselves in those age stages.

The beginning of the booklet summarizes it better than I when it describes that the “Mama and ME Bible study is created for the mama who has little ones at home, and feels she just doesn’t have the time to get into God’s Word because of the daily tasks and needs that come along with early motherhood… Each lesson will encourage you to open your Bible and read a passage. You will then have a simple overview followed by a few thought-provoking questions to answer. Along with this, there will be an age-appropriate lesson for you to read to your child with activity ideas for you to do with them related to the lesson.”

“The season of baby and toddlerhood goes by so quickly. The important part of this season is simply getting into God’s Word, gaining strength during these fleeting years and cultivating what will hopefully be a life-long love of studying God’s Word for both mama and child.”

Light Filled Home: Mama & Me Study

Another thing I love about the Mama & Me Study is that they do not include the full Scripture passages on the pages. This is because, to quote Tamara the book’s author, “I want you to pick up your Bible and read from it directly, to you and your child… there is just something about reading straight from the source.” I love anything with a focus on God’s Word and that sees the importance of opening this Word visibly with your children. I’ll be sharing a few more nuggets from this study over on our Instagram stories so be sure to go check that out @thechristianhome.

Light Filled Home is graciously offering our followers a 20% off by going to their website here and using code “discount20” This little booklet is affordable and easy to whip out to go through for yourself and your kiddos in a season that is lacking structure, time and/or energy. This would make a great gift at a baby shower or to any new mom/mom of little’s to have on hand. So snag one for yourselves and help assure that the Word will be in front of you and your children at some point each day!

May God be glorified in your hearts and homes.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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