Surprise Feature: Digital Downloads

Hello, my name is Lauren Hereford founder of the Tulips & Honey Hub. I’m honored to have been asked to write this guest post, and have been very blessed by this blog. I want to write briefly to you today utilizing some digital downloads from an excellent Etsy shop: The Paperie Shop.

I wasn’t raised in church, I grew up in a house without peace. On July 4th, 2015 God saw fit to give this wretch the gift of repentance and faith. Alongside the kindness shown to me through salvation, I’ve also been blessed by the talent many believers have. That’s true about the artist that has created these two beautiful digital downloads. 

When I was saved by Gods Grace I began teaching my daughter, she was only four. As we read Scripture with her we found our way to the Lord’s Prayer. She understood, in a childlike way, that to pray in the way Jesus Christ commanded would be the best way to pray. So she has begun her prayers in this way since then. Thus, this print in particular has a special place in my heart and now home.

It means so much to our family to have the privilege to display Gods Word in our home. When we have company over it gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel with the lost, or to edify believers through the very sight of Gods truth. Digital download prints are an affordable and easy way to adorn your home with God’s Word in a variety of ways. You can simply download the image of your choosing and have it printed in a number of ways on sizing and style.

You can shop the Peace printable here and the Lord’s Prayer printable here. Thank you to the Paperie Shop for sending us these beautiful printables! Head over to their shop and check out what other beautiful downloads they have.

I hope you’ll all have a very Merry Christmas, and take every opportunity to share the Gospel with the lost. 

Lauren Hereford
Guest Writer, The Christian Home
Tulips & Honey Hub Founder

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