Feature Friday: Macky Cross Art

It’s that time of the year as a parent! You know the one where it feels like you or someone in your house has been ill for months by time sickness has worked through each family member even if it’s only been a few weeks! Yuck. But, hopefully by time you’re all reading this, we’re all on the mend.

It’s actually times like this that I really feel the benefit of having strategically placed Scripture and other things that turn my mind to Christ around my home. We’ve been home pretty constantly for a few weeks now all going through these sicknesses which has forced me to spend a lot of time looking around the room needing to set my mind on Christ. These times with little ones means not much sleep, not much energy, busy hands, foggy minds, & worse sickness for you after you’ve been knee deep in mucus for a week. All of that means, I have also had little time to actually sit and read my Bible.

As I lamented this to my husband, he reminded me that this is why faithfulness to the Word in the ordinary is so important because it can carry us through times like right now. That served as such encouragement to me and a great charge for when we are well again to prioritize time in Gods Word each day. But don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things on a regular basis that can distract my attention from the Word but they become so clearly unnecessary in a season like this. Faithfulness in the mundane matters.

It matters that we take the time to position our homes to help us think on Christ… It matters that we fight the temptation to fill every moment of the day with task after task that we deem “necessary” and pause to feast on God’s Word.

It matters that we take the time to position our homes to help us think on Christ. We may get used to seeing that Scripture hanging on that part of our wall, but one weary day its truth may catch our eye and be just what we needed to press on in honoring the Lord. It matters that we fight the temptation to fill every moment of the day with task after task that we deem “necessary” and pause to feast on Gods Word. In reality, that feasting is the thing most necessary for our homes to function properly. These times remind me why I started this blog and why I desire to utilize every little opportunity for Gods glory.

A couple of items that caught my eye this week were things sent to me from Macky Cross Art. Macky has so many beautiful items that you could adorn your home with to help you glorify God and she was so generous to send us a cutting board and a hand-painted journaling Bible.

You can read more about my kitchen on my blog post here but, I have loved displaying this cutting board in my kitchen. I love that it’s a practical kitchen tool, as I love using in my decor, but it also serves to remind me of Gods Word. It’s these little details that even though you may not realize it, affect your mindset day in and day out when it’s the kind of things you internalize while your eyes scan the room.

I also loved this hand painted Bible. I wasn’t so sure about this trend but I love that it makes for a beautiful gift, heirloom, or decorative piece that you can also pick up and utilize. Not to mention, this is my first journaling Bible and I find it extremely useful. With a Biblical Counseling background I also just have to note, this type of Bible would be excellent to utilize in counseling. A hand painted Bible could also serve as a great Bible for special circumstances like a family Bible that you use each day in family worship or your counseling Bible! Also, this Bible is just so beautifully made.

Painting is a dream that Macky has had for some time and she is finally joyfully living out that dream as a mother of littles. I love that “Soli Deo Gloria” is written on everything I read from her! She has decided to partner with us to offer a 15% discount on all her items (excluding hand painted Bibles) over on her Etsy page. You can use code “SOLIDEOGLORIA” at the link here to shop! She is also going to do an awesome giveaway with us giving away both of the items shown! (Oh, discount and giveaway have to be two of my favorite words, ha!) You can enter this giveaway on our Instagram (@thechristianhome) or our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thechristianhome) and read all of the details on how to enter there!

PS: To my subscribers who may not be on social media, simply comment below what your favorite product is of hers and why you’d love to win it and make sure you are subscribed to get our blog posts sent to you via e-mail!

May God be glorified in your hearts and homes!

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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