Feature Friday: The Word, The Home, & The Holidays

Today’s post is written by Kim Campbell at KCreatives. If you don’t already, you should definitely follow her on Instagram as she shares a variety of great content. She is writing to you today specifically about some reader sets that she has but she was so kind to send me a few other items that she made that I will be posting photos of at the bottom of the post. Thank you, Kim for your generosity and for writing for us today! Enjoy, friends.

When you think about Christmas 25 years from now, what do you want your children to think of?  When you gather together for a Thanksgiving meal when your children have children of their own, what do you want the table to be remembered for? Yes, of course we can think of presents, Christmas movies, snow angels, precious ornaments. Or maybe with Thanksgiving we think of turkey, gravy, or Grandma’s pumpkin pie.  

One of the treasured memories I have of Christmas in our family is what we saw and did at my Granny’s house.  My grandparents lived next door to us. During the holidays I would run over to her house and head straight to the front door by the strands of big bulb Christmas lights.  Not the cool LED ones and you couldn’t put them on a timer. This was mid-80s all the way. And she put those out every holiday season till she passed. I also remember stringing together popcorn on fishing wire (because we are fishermen in our family) and hanging them on the Christmas tree – a fake one if I remember correctly.

I remember how every Thanksgiving, our family would pray.  My Dad would be the one to usually as a specific person to pray.  Sometimes we would say something we were thankful for. Some Christmas’s we read the Christmas story, but that probably wasn’t until we were older.  We did always sing Christmas songs at church though! Either way, the details of these holidays are fresh on my mind still each year.

I want our boys to remember fun special times like the ones I mentioned above, but I want something deeper too. That is why I created ways to bring the Word of God and the Gospel into your home during the holiday season.  And not just the Christmas story and one or two verses on gratitude. But readings that will help your mind and heart engage with the truths of these holidays.

The Thanksgiving Reader set is designed to be used either on your own or with your whole family. It has 12 cards and one reader (with the Scripture reading on it).  If I lived in a perfect world, I would have them sitting in the middle of my cleaned off dining room table and read the Scripture aloud each morning or at each dinner time for the 12 days leading up to Thanksgiving.  Or, you can use these cards and reading plan during family worship time. Another way you could use the set is by having one card at each place setting on Thanksgiving Day and have each person read their Scripture.  

The Family Advent set is to help you remember Jesus all the days of December leading up to Christmas Day.  Each card has a name of Jesus and each name has a passage of Scripture on it. You can use these just like you would the Thanksgiving Reader set.  

Then what?  These cards were beautifully designed so you could have them all together.  You can put them all on a garland in your dining room. On a banner in your kitchen.  Held onto your fridge door with magnets. On a wreath. Strung over your mantle by your stockings.  That way you can have decoration in your home. Decoration that has meaning. That meaning being Truth.  And decoration that has a purpose. Purpose in cultivating gratitude in your hearts (not just in November but year round) and cultivating a desire to seek for Jesus in your waiting for Christmas Day.

How do you use your holiday decorations to point to something more than turkeys and gifts?  How would your holidays change if you incorporated these card sets? Let us know in the comments below. This week’s giveaway is for (1) Thanksgiving Reader set & (1) Family Advent set, to enter to win head over to our Instagram page @thechristianhome.

Kim Campbell
Guest Writer, The Christian Home

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