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Merry Christmas!

On this first Tuesday of December I am feeling particularly thankful and grateful to be finishing out another year of life with my precious kiddos. I love how their interest and comprehension grows each year and praise the Lord that He continues to grant us these seasons together. I’ve mentioned before that I almost lost my oldest when he was 5 months old and it was around this time of year. Experiencing something like that does help shape my regular thankfulness for their little lives as the reality of their finite-ness is at the forefront of my mind. Now, trust me- I often fail to appreciate the blessing that they are. How many long days are spent fighting anticipation for their bedtime only for conviction to pour over me the minute they are asleep that I squandered the day the Lord gave me with them?

I want to remember that Gods Word ought to inform my interactions with my children and be reminded that though they may be difficult, these boys are great blessings. So I was excited when I came across Seeds of Faith and contacted them about partnering together for this blog and they had a number of designs that would help me accomplish this and setting my mind on things above! They have so many creative and beautiful signs to choose from at great prices! They were so kind to send me 3 different signs of my choosing. So of course, I chose signs that would remind me of God and His Word.

If you’ve read along this far, then it’s probably obvious why I chose the sign below featuring Psalm 127:3. I want to be convicted on a whim when I’m frustrated with my kids and this sign catches my eye. I feel that meditating on God’s Word is a worthwhile task even if you feel you already know that scripture or have read it hundred times, we always need to be reminded of what might seem like “basic” truths from Gods Word.

A second sign I chose was “give it to God and go to sleep.” Now I’ve seen this sign elsewhere and while it isn’t directly quoting Scripture but it reminds me of a very special verse to me Psalm 56:3 “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

I used to be very fearful and anxious at night when I was young. I would lay in my bed for hours scared and thinking of all the things that could happen if I went to sleep. My Grandma, who I’ve mentioned a lot on here, spent a lot of time talking to me about overcoming this and needing to trust the Lord. So at one point she decided to call me almost every night to quote a Scripture and pray with me. She would call me and say “Remember Macy, ‘what time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee’” and proceed to pray with me before getting off the phone. She isn’t with us anymore, but this memory has never left me. Now, when I comfort my children at night it feels like this very special privilege to pass on this same kind of counsel. But even I am still not beyond laying awake at night worrying about a variety of different issues now that I’m an adult that cannot be solved late at night and I need this reminder ever still.

Lastly, I snagged a print of the doxology. I love singing this hymn with my brothers and sisters in Christ and I love that it’s the first song my toddler ever learned. Now, my 18 month old will belt out “FLOOOOW” or “BELOOOOW” along with us and it is too precious. I’ll write more about my love for this hymn at a later date but I love how simple yet beautifully done these designs are. And of course, I love that they are straight from Scripture or accurately reflect truths of the Scriptures.

I love Seeds of Faith’s mission as they say they “started with a burning desire to glorify God through our creative abilities. The mission is to beautifully display God’s word throughout your home and work environments. Our decorative bible verse prints also work great as gifts for your friends and family. However, the work of these prints doesn’t stop there. These daily reminders do so much more than you think. They not only help you in your walk with God but they also tug on the hearts of every person that walks through your door. It could be the message that your guest was needing to hear that day. It could spark a conversation and give you an opportunity to minister to someone that doesn’t know Jesus in your workplace. They can help with bible verse memory for not only you but your kids. The possibilities are endless.”

Seeds of Faith is offering our followers an awesome discount of 25% off! Just head to their website here and enter code “thechristianhome” at checkout! You can shop each specific print shown today at these links: Children are a Gift, Give it to God, & The Doxology.

I am thankful for these prints and hope you enjoy the many prints that they have to choose from! May God be glorified in your hearts and homes!

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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