Feature Friday: Every Moment Holy

Happy belated Thanksgiving, my friends!

I hope you had a wonderful day with family and food. On this last Friday of November, I want to help keep the thanks going with a resource that will help you to be thankful for the ordinary year round. We’re all about using the every day for Gods glory here at The Christian Home so I could not wait to share with you a beautiful liturgy that turns those moments into beautiful opportunities to pray and honor God.

I’m jumping right in today because I want to tell you about the dirty diaper that made me cry. Yes, you read that right… and it wasn’t out of disgust but rather conviction and thankfulness. I want to share part of this liturgy with you today but I’m chuckling because there are so many to choose from but this unique liturgy captures the essence of the book and really takes one of the most mundane and gross acts of motherhood and turns it to something beautiful.

“Ah Lord, what a mess
we sometimes make of our lives!
What a tragic comedy
is even our most sincere attempt
to merit righteousness on our own.
We are no more able to render ourselves holy
than is this infant to keep itself unsoiled.

I am as dependent upon your grace
and your own righteousness, O Christ,
to justify and make me clean,
as this little one is dependent upon me
to wash the residue of filth from its skin,
wrapping it again in soft and freshly-laundered
garments. Let me not be frustrated
by the constant repetition of this
necessary act on behalf of a child.
Rather, let the daily doing of this
be a reminder to me,
of the constant cleansing and covering
of my own sin, that I- helpless as this babe
and more often in need-
enjoy in the active mercies of Christ.

A Liturgy for Changing Diapers II: Every Moment Holy
Douglas Kaine McKelvey

Okay friends… seriously? Who writes something so beautiful about a dirty diaper? It makes me weepy all over again just typing that out. Throughout this book, Douglas Kaine McKelvey has such a unique way of pointing out the glory of ordinary events. He takes something trivial (like a dirty diaper) or even a celebration (like a birthday) and surprises you with a beautiful prayer that changes your entire perspective on the event. As a blog that’s main goal is to help families set their minds on Christ more and take advantage of every moment unto the Lord, I would have to say this book is a home-run.

I wanted to mention this book in November for two reasons:

1) In light of Thanksgiving, this book helps to encourage thankfulness in mundane moments. From holidays, to doing laundry, to interacting with a boss, to simply the changing of seasons: Every Moment Holy offers beautiful prayers and thoughts for every moment. These liturgy really helps shape how I see and pray in a variety of areas of my life. Obviously, one of which is the changing of my infants diaper numerous times a day.

2) It is time for Christmas shopping. I actually received mine as a gift from my mother in law last year. Something I loved about this book is it is beautifully made and bound as it’s intended to be more of an Family heirloom. I love that idea for this book! It makes a great gift because it is more than a book you read through a time or two then stick on your shelf. It’s a book you will reference yourself and with your family time and time again. I believe it is a treasure you will pass on to your children as it helps shape their homes view of the ordinary.

Rabbit Room Press has this book available over on Amazon (Every Moment Holy) and on their website. You can use the code “EMHTCH” to get 20% off this book over on the Rabbit Room’s Store website! They so kindly sent me a copy for free that I am giving away to one of you! To enter to win, simply follow us on Instagram or Facebook, share it to your stories being sure to tag us (Instagram) or your newsfeed (Facebook), and tag a friend in the comments. The more tags, the more entries. The more shares, the more entries. If you don’t have either of those, simply leave a comment below telling us why you would like to win this book and have one friend subscribe to our blog via e-mail.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy a restful weekend glorifying God with your families.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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