Images of Grace

I’m writing to you today about one of my favorite things in the entire world: photos. I am a picture taking junky. Just ask any of my family, friends or social media followers as they likely chuckle and roll their eyes at the understatement that is that sentence. But, it is not without its reasoning that I love the act of taking and having pictures.

I love displaying pictures in my home because they remind me of Gods faithfulness. Every time me and my husbands eyes focus on a picture in our home, the events of that moment or that stage of life rush to our minds and bring gladness to our hearts. I look over at a picture of my firstborn as a baby and almost weep not just at how fast he’s growing but THAT he is growing. I will never forget the time shortly after those photos when he almost died in a strange incident that left me giving mouth to mouth with my unconscious limp infant in the backseat of the car as my husband speedily drove us to the hospital. That photo makes me so grateful to God for His goodness, grace, mercy, and faithfulness.

Photo: Chronicles by a Lens

I look over and see a photo of my grandma and I when I was young laughing and being silly. It makes me praise God for giving me such a godly woman to teach me the truths of His Word. It makes me grateful when I see that photo that she was “merely a homemaker” yet she was the most influential person in my life and now I’m following in her footsteps to raise young men that will, Lord willing, go out and advance in the Gospel in their homes and lives.

I simply love capturing moments that I want to remember. For me, taking a picture is like taking notes. I will always have those notes to reference if I need to draw certain truths back to my mind just like the photos I take. But sometimes, just like note taking for me, simply the act of taking the photo helps me to drive a truth home in my brain without even needing to reference it. So while taking a multitude of photos can seem a trivial or “millennial” thing to do, for me it is so much more.

All in all, perhaps the most treasured photos to me are those of me my husband and our children all together. I love seeing how we grow and change from picture to picture and I love staring at our picture as I marvel at the many prayers that went answered (and unanswered) to make that photo possible. Seeing our family photos always gives me a needed perspective about where we are. Thus, I’m so thankful that Chronicles By A Lens took the time to snap some family photos for me (and some shots for the blog!)

As I look on these photos for years to come, I’ll also look on them with joy remembering the experience that was having these photos made. Chronicles by a Lens owners, Natalie and Kelli happen to be members at my church here in Little Rock. Both of these women are so kind and talented and desire to better know and honor God. They made this day so fun, sweet and easy. While my husband and boys can hardly stand to pose long for pictures, they were in and out of our home in a matter of 30-45 minutes!

My most favorite thing though was their care for our kids. They tenderly spoke to each of our children and acknowledged them as human beings with value and worth. They loved on them, made them giggle, allowed them to be assistants and at one point I think Natalie even fed my youngest his dinner while Kelli had my oldest assist her in taking some shots of me and my husband. I think if left up to my youngest, he would’ve preferred they stayed and mommy and daddy go- ha! He’s my little social butterfly.

All photos on this post: Chronicles by a Lens

Chronicles by a Lens is located here in Arkansas but is available to travel as their schedules allow! They are partnering with me to do an awesome raffle that results in one follower getting a FREE MINI FAMILY SESSION. This is an excellent giveaway! All you have to do is like and share the post to be entered into the raffle! Instagram users simply share the post to stories tagging @chroniclesbyalens and @thechristianhome and Facebook- share the post to your newsfeed. To look at some of their work and book a session head to their website here! (Pssst, husbands- this is a great gift for your wives, moms, mother in laws!)

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Thanks for taking this journey with me. While holidays can be a time of family tension and frustration, let us all seek to have a heart of thankfulness to the Lord for who He is, where He has us, and that He has purposefully placed us where we are. May God be glorified in your hearts and homes.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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