Surprise Feature: Seeds Family Worship

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

We take this verse very seriously and literally around here. It truly has inspired and driven so many aspects of my life though I fail often to keep focus on the purpose. It’s really what drives my desire to do what we do here at The Christian Home. While it may often seem we are only promoting products, home decor, books etc. really the greatest aim behind all of that is simply to encourage families to see every moment as opportunities to make much of Christ. To turn those little, seemingly unimportant things, into opportunities to glorify God is our greatest desire for our home and yours.

Now, none of this is any boast in me as I often tell people that this blog is really a culmination of wisdom passed to me from women who are living out Titus 2 by instilling various ideas about godly womanhood, motherhood, parenthood etc in me. I am so thankful that a fellow sister in Christ mentioned an excellent resource to me when my firstborn was only an infant. She told me about something called “Seeds Family Worship” in which the group sang scripture in fun catchy ways to help children and families memorize Scripture. I immediately loved the idea and quickly ran and searched them online and was overjoyed at what I found. Because of her recommendation, my 3 year old has memorized a hearty collection of Scriptures already! I have videos of him sobbing in the car as a baby until I turned on some Seeds and he calmed down and joyfully danced along. Even though he was too little to repeat them at the time, I would tell my husband that I loved being able to fill his little ears from birth with Gods Word. I prayed so often through those moments and still as I watch my children dance or sing along to STRAIGHT SCRIPTURE. Yes, it was totally worth the full caps here as I do not have to spend time telling you about why they utilize good theology as they just let the Scriptures do the work! So of course, I had to reach out to them for this blog and they were more than glad to send me copies of their stuff pictured below:

This was an amazing pack. (And since it’s November- I have to mention that this would be a wonderful Christmas gift!) Seeds sent us both of their new albums (physical copies and digital download cards), a DVD of the songs with lyrics on them, verse cards to coordinate with the songs, and a family worship guide that pairs with each song!

Since we are all about good theology here at The Christian Home, you just cannot beat a resource that values the Scriptures so highly!

I love hearing my children sing Gods Word more than anything in the world. They often have no idea its full meaning but those truths are being planted into their hearts and minds now. I love that Seeds music helps you take something you already do with your kids, listen to music, and finds a way to use it in a God honoring yet catchy way. The songs are so fun that my kids love them and we will all be singing them for hours! I thought I was using these resources for my kids but turns out the Lord has used them in my heart too. Oh how often I have recalled verses and references by quickly playing out the song in my head to remember.

I’ve mentioned this before but riding in the car is one of my favorite times to have purposeful conversation with my toddler. Everyone is trapped and everyone is ready to be out so we all need to kill time. We use this time often to learn our scripture memory and Seeds makes that a breeze! We can all sing and dance along to their fun songs yet be taking in direct truths from Gods Word in the process. It’s a guilt free way to use our time and engage our kids with little work! I keep our discs in our car at all times so we can just turn them on in our grocery runs! Currently, my kids favorite is “All Have Sinned” Romans 3:23 & 6:23. My 3-year-old has memorized both of these recently and this song has really helped drill it into his mind. I love that even when we are not reciting Scripture that I can hear him in his room singing this song!

I love Seeds mission statement that “We are on a mission to get God’s Word through Seeds into as many homes (and hearts) as possible around the world.” So, it’s a no-brainer why we love them! Not only did they send me their CD’s and digital downloads but DVD’s, family worship guides, and Scripture cards. You can easily pop the DVD into your TV for a similar effect as the discs! My youngest especially is captivated by the engaging lyrical videos. Then, the Scripture cards are beautifully done and I can place them on my table to remind me to work on that scripture that day.

The family worship guides are a biblically focused (as is all that they do) guide through the Scriptures in each song. It is a great way to bring your family together to focus on God’s Word in an engaging and fun way without compromising God’s Word. The family worship guide assist you and your family in discussing these Scriptures with your children and helping to plant the Word down in their hearts. It is an excellent resource and I highly recommend purchasing the guides along with the music!

To purchase any of the aforementioned resources you can click the link here to head over to their website. Seeds is doing my favorite thing ever and partnering with us for a GIVEAWAY! They are giving away a “I am With You Pack,” the “Christmas Pack,” AND their “Jesus Pack.” Here are the details on how to win:

For Instagram: Follow us @thechristianhome and @seedsfamilyworship, like our post with Seeds Family Worship’s products on it, share it to your stories being sure to tag us in it so we will see it, and tag a friend in the comments. Each tag and each share is an additional entry!

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If you do not use either of these but follow us on here, just make sure you are subscribed to our blog via e-mail and leave a comment below about why you would love to win these products!

May God be glorified in our hearts and homes today. And thank you to Seeds Family Worship for making that task a little easier!

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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