Feature Friday: Julia’s Watercolors

My friends and family pick on me often for taking 4,000 pictures a day. It’s no secret I love pictures as I grab at my phone or camera at every turn (basically every time my kids smile…or look at me.) I want to hold onto moments and memories forever to help me to appreciate and enjoy each milestone. Though I don’t particularly enjoy jumping in front of the camera (never mind my overkill selfie phase in high school), my favorite pictures are ones with my family all together. It shocks me every time I see a picture of my husband and I all snuggled up with our kiddos. I remember how long I had prayed for these people yet how often I am not thankful enough for them.

However, I’ll be honest, since I take so many pictures it can be overwhelming to know what to do with them or where to display them all. This reality had me searching online for various ways to display photos and in my search I ended up coming across Julia’s Watercolors. I loved that these paintings would still capture these moments in time with my sweet family without being yet another picture hanging around. Julia paints beautiful photos of families, homes, etc. to help individuals hold on to moments and memories forever in a unique way. She did the same for us in the watercolor below: I absolutely love it.

It is such a beautiful eye catching way to capture what is my heart in a picture. Not only is it artistic but it is so special to me as it is based on a photo and sweet memory from my youngest sons first birthday. Having all of our family in our home enjoying our little ones is a treasured memory but celebrating another year of life of each of my kids always brings me to tears. Every time I look at this piece, I will be reminded to praise God in light of all of those things and what I previously mentioned. And you guys already know we love pieces to help us set our minds on Christ!

I’m so thankful for this beautiful gift. We have so many people comment on how unique and sweet it is. I never want to forget how good God is to have blessed me with my wonderful godly husband and our beautiful children. I never want to forget the gift of life as I recall and Lord willing, continue to, the joy that is celebrating another year of my babies. Julia’s painting will forever assist me in that. This is such a special gift and would also make a great gift in light of Christmas coming up!

I asked Julia to tell me a little more about her business and she said that her mission was “to glorify God through the creation of art and to capture the uniqueness of His creation- mankind specifically- in a unique and creative style. The watercolor custom portraits were birthed out of a desire to capture emotion and individuality in a timeless style without portraying any facial features.” Julia has a great price point, does beautiful custom work, and can have it done in time for Christmas! She is generously offering a $5 coupon for our followers on any orders! To order simply click the link here and mention The Christian Home in the customization e-mail order!

May God be glorified in our hearts and homes. And may our hearts be stirred to continued thankfulness unto the Lord this month.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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