Reformation Day Roundup

Hey everybody! I’m going to keep it simple today and just share with you some links for products, blog posts, etc. that can help you and your family celebrate Reformation Day! From decor to books to coloring sheets or activities- I hope this blog post can provide a one-stop shop for you on all things Reformation Day (lots of free resources included).

For starters, here’s some great free online videos to watch:

What Was the Reformation All About?

Martin Luther: The Animated Movie

A Fun, Animated History of the Reformation

The Story of Martin Luther (Playmobil Animation)

Here’s some great videos you can purchase to watch:

Here’s some blog posts with excellent ideas on how to celebrate the Reformation:

Reformed Mama shared my most favorite blog post on reformation day activities and resources for kids! Check it out here! It’s a bit more extensive than mine but I wanted to be sure and promote only the resources I can personally vouch for through having vetted them. Given that my kids are 3 & 1 my picks are a bit more tailored to younger kiddos.

This Pilgrim Life also shared some great kids ideas and a number of links to various printables. Click here to check it out!

Here are some children’s books to help your kiddos learn about and focus on the theme of the Reformation this month:

Lastly, here’s some fun products for your home or kiddos to aid in your focus on the Reformation:

There are several FREE coloring sheets here that go with the Torchlighters DVD mentioned above (though you don’t have to have the movie to utilize them): click here for free coloring sheets

What are you doing to help your home celebrate the Reformation? We are hosting friends over to eat (POUND cake, Dirt cake topped with WORMS, etc.), play games, and watch the American Gospel so we can think about this year the reform that is needed present day in the church. I’m praying it will be a fun and profitable time. The kiddos will enjoy watching The Torchlighters Martin Luther DVD while coloring free coloring pages, playing with Playmobil Martin Luther and eating some of our goodies and pizza. Last year, we did something similar but watched the “Luther” movie linked above and it was a great and edifying time for all.

While it can seem like such a silly thing, we choose to celebrate holidays that glorify God and we think this is a fun opportunity to teach your children the truths of church history. Share with us your ideas in the comments! May God be glorified in our hearts and homes this Reformation Day.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

* note: any photos without labels are amazon links, all photos with labels by them are christianbook links. we do make a small percentage of sales through all links included *

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