Feature Friday: Thistle and Paintbrush Co.

Checkout today’s Feature Friday post with Thistle and Paintbrush Co.! There’s an awesome giveaway going on for a semi custom 4″ hoop with a word or sola of their choice at the center, one candle of their choice, and a Romans 12:2 sticker!!!! Per usual, here’s how to enter:

Facebook users, to enter: Like our page & Thistleandpaintbrushco., share our post with their products on it, and tag a friend in the comments on our post. Each tag and each share is an additional entry!

Happy Feature Friday! I’m excited to be finishing out our October features with our friends over at Thistle and Paintbrush Co.!

One of the fun parts of this adventure is meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ who share the same passion for good theology and turning our homes minds to Christ. That is certainly the case with Emily, the owner of Thistle and Paintbrush Co., as it was her unique products that peeked my interest but her kindred spirit that has continued to grow our friendship and my appreciation for her work. We’ve enjoyed giggles at our frustrations of the rampant nature of poor theology through home products, we’ve bonded over our appreciation of reformed theology, and I’m pretty sure we’ve become giveaway buddies. (You know, those friends you can safely tag in any and every giveaway you come across? Ha! Thanks Emily.)

Anyways, I just wanted to spend today showcasing a few products that Thistle and Paintbrush Co. sent us and give a quirky spin to why we enjoy each product. I love that they have such a unique array of products to choose from including earrings, candles, embroidery hoops, shirts, decals, and more! And you’ll love to know that she shares our same goal in seeking to glorify God and point others to truth. Emily notes this about her business “From the beginning, creating beautiful and unique hand embroidered art that glorifies God and points others to truth has been my top priority. My small business has also enabled me to help others by giving financially to non-profits that I am passionate about.” I also love the fact that while Emily is creating her pieces, she is often doing this during her kids nap time as she listens to sermons, podcasts, and hymns. Truly, she is an excellent example for all of us mothers to use our time well unto the glory of God and always have a priority to our homes unto the Lord. I feel so thankful and encouraged to see sisters in the faith doing this and constantly reminding me through their actions how I ought to use my days.

Now, let us not delay further but talk about Thistle and Paintbrush Co.’s embroidery hoops. I was sent this beautiful one pictured below and I adore it! First, because everything I own is teal and grey. Secondly, because well it’s beautiful and references Scripture. “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” John 1:16. Thistle and Paintbrush Co. is always coming up with new, beautiful, and sound creations on her hoops.

It’s obvious that you can plant these little pieces around your home to help you turn your mind to things above. They are adorable, unique, and theologically accurate. But, aside from just displaying these in your home I think these pieces would make excellent gifts! They are smaller in size so you don’t have to worry about gifting someone something bulky and them wondering where to put it. Also, in giving this as a gift to someone it will become even more sentimental for them as it points their minds to Christ and also reminds them of the sweetness of the friendship God has blessed them with in you (assuming… ya know). I know I mention gift ideas a lot here lately but, with the holidays before us I think it’s a great thing to keep in mind. Also, I love to gift people things in times outside of just holidays or birthdays like a time that they might need encouragement, comfort, or just a reminder that they are loved. Not to mention, with Thistle and Paintbrush Co.’s grace upon grace embroidery hoop, you can put the truth of God’s character and Word before them in a unique way.

Secondly, Emily and her husband also create their own candles! I find that really neat and I’m envious of that talent. Not to mention, these candles have a 40 hour+ burn time! They have some very unique scents with their own stories and descriptions under each kind. I was sent the Sasquatch which automatically has this unique outdoors feel as you take in the bourbon mixed with campfire scent. I think this candle would be perfect for any outdoor or bourbon lovers and is an excellent more masculine scent! Candles are also one of my favorite go-to gifts because it’s something you don’t like to buy for yourself but everyone enjoys. I used to think it was so boring growing up when my mom wanted candles for gifts now here I am ecstatic when I open a box full of smell-good-things.

Lastly, I was sent this awesome decal pictured below.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

I think this is such a creative little decal and I’m 100% sure that while I placed it on the back window of my car, it often catches my eye and mind more than others passing by it. You could use this decal on your laptop, sermon notes book, etc. but I thought it would pair well with my “soli deo Gloria” decal (made by yours truly, though far less impressive than this Thistle and Paintbrush Co. one- ha!) While this is a small piece, it carries big truth. And it is yet another way to display Scripture in unique places where your mind will once again be drawn to God’s Word.

It’s my favorite point in the blog in which I get to tell you that Thistle and Paintbrush Co. has graciously decided to partner with us for a 15% off discount and a GIVEAWAY!!! I love giving you good deals & free things. You can click here to shop their embroidery hoop, here for their Sasquatch candle, here for the Romans decal, and here to shop the rest of their products (like their adorable Sola Gratia hoop!) So, for the giveaway- Thistle and Paintbrush Co. is going to send one of our followers a semi custom 4″ hoop with a word or sola of their choice at the center, one candle of their choice, and a Romans 12:2 sticker!!!! Per usual, here’s how to enter:

For Instagram: Follow us @thechristianhome and @thistleandpaintbrushco, like our post with Thistle & Paintbrush Co.’s Products on it, share it to your stories being sure to tag us in it so we will see it, and tag a friend in the comments. Each tag and each share is an additional entry!

For Facebook: Like our page & Thistleandpaintbrushco., share our post with their products on it, and tag a friend in the comments on our post. Each tag and each share is an additional entry!

Please do remember, friends, that while our aim is putting items before you that are theologically sound and aesthetically pleasing- our greatest hope is simply that we would help you remember to take advantage of every opportunity, moment, place, etc. to glorify God. Fix your mind on Christ today. Even if that means you need to just tape “grace upon grace” on your wall with a note-card, just take the time to put God’s Word before your eyes and mind. May God be glorified in our hearts and homes today.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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