Surprise Feature: Bluebird Signs

Surprise! It’s not Friday but we’re doing a feature today and we could not be more thrilled. Let’s jump right in…

I have come to enjoy and appreciate how small seemingly nick-knacky pieces in a home can work together to communicate a larger idea through their appearance. Now, this probably makes my minimalist-style loving friends cringe but, there’s something so cool and fun about that to me. I love when a bunch of small things come together to tell a bigger story.

I often feel like when I walk into a home decor store I’m bombarded with an overwhelming amount of large farmhouse signs. I find myself running out of wall space for any more hanging decor and thinking “I have so little space, but so many things I want to display.” So, this bore a desire and appreciation for a different style of decorating and one that saw the built-in shelves in my living room as my most exciting decorative area instead of a headache. I also have so many truths I want to put forward around our home but can often get stuck on how to do that without nailing into yet another wall. Through searching online for this blog, I stumbled across Bluebird Signs and their beautiful mini signs.

I immediately wanted every single one of them for the various truths they represented. But, I focused in on one sign in particular that communicated a truth I had been dying to display for sentimentality and remembrance of Gods faithfulness (pictured below).

When awaiting the birth of my second born child, I was wrestling with a good bit of fear after how rough my delivery with my first was. I had to work to put to death numerous thoughts on what could go wrong and I had remembered from my first that an easy thing to do during labor was listen to music. In the midst of laboring, your mind can be so fuzzy as you’re exhausted, busy, distracted etc. but it’s easy to let some hymns float through your mind in passing moments. So the song that I had been listening to leading up to the birth and during my laboring was “He Will Hold Me Fast.”

When I fear my faith will fail, Christ will hold me fast;

When the tempter would prevail, He will hold me fast.

I could never keep my hold through life’s fearful path;

For my love is often cold; He must hold me fast.

Keith & Kristyn Getty; He Will Hold Me Fast

It reminded me that while anything could happen, the Lord is sovereign over all of it. The Lord already knows and is in control of all events, including the events that were to come with my labor and delivery. This hymn would bring such rapid comfort to me as I worked to put this biblically accurate truth before my mind. By Gods Grace, everything went absolutely perfect. Since then, that song has been a reminder of Gods faithfulness and kindness. It brings the sweetest nostalgia over the events of that day that exceeded expectations and were clear evidences of the Lords hand at work. (Though, it’s worth noting that He would’ve been no less faithful, gracious or kind had He chosen not to allow things to go as they did.) Given all of that, this simple sign is a sweet reminder of all of those things and contributes to my aim in having a home that is constantly turning my mind to things above.

But Katie, the owner of Blue Bird Signs, didn’t stop there of course as she sent me the WHOLE MINI SET. I think my oldest was thoroughly confused at his moms extreme giddiness over opening what to him looked like a package of non-colored blocks, ha! But I could not wait to use these throughout my home. I love that they are small and clear so that they don’t take up a lot of space yet are easy to see and read to make the statement you’re aiming to in that space. I also love that you could trade them out in various seasons or times in life to communicate different things in the space they are in. This month, my favorite to display is this Post Tenebraus Lux in light of Reformation Day coming up! Since this is not a widely celebrated event but I like to incorporate elements of the season into my decor, this was a real treasure!

I love that you can use these signs to decorate a tiered tray purposefully, on top of a stack books for greater display, or simply keep it as it is so it’s simplicity can do the work. These wood minis are well made and the perfect size (5×5) to use throughout your home.

These would also make great gifts for a variety of people in your life! I love that by gifting these to someone, you allow them to not only to have their mind turned to things above but, it also will remind them of the love of their friend. I asked Katie to tell me a little bit about how her faith comes into her work and she said “I know that my ability to create art is a gift given by my Creator. I love making pieces that will remind others of Him and/or Scripture. Our lives can be hectic and busy, so to look across the room and see a Godly reminder will help to refocus your mind and maybe your day. Ultimately, I strive to glorify God with every single piece I create.” You guys already know it’s evident why we wanted to partner with Bluebird Signs.

Bluebird Signs has kindly offered our followers a discount of 20% off anything in their shop! (Can I just reiterate the self control it takes to not add 17 exclamation marks every time I share a deal with you?) You can use this discount “TCHB20” for 20% off and shop their mini sign set here or the rest of their adorable items here at their Etsy shop.

Which one is your favorite & why? Share with us in the comments or on social media to be featured on our page! May God be glorified in your hearts and homes today.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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