Feature Friday: Illustration for Your Sanctification

It’s Feature Friday! And today features a company who accomplishes a really unique thing: good theology that appeals to kids AND adults. Since here at The Christian Home we highly value the Scriptures above all and encouraging good theology through what we see and teach our children, today’s company is our kind of people.

First, let me remind you that while there are so many wonderful resources in existence today for Christian families, the most important thing that you can offer your children is God’s Word. Never underestimate the value of simply sharing the truth of God’s Word from your own mouth with your children. I often think about my upbringing and how we had none of these resources yet, the thing that impacted me most was my grandma just capitalizing on the ordinary moments to turn conversation to the Lord.

Secondly, let me tell you that while that is true, I do love living in a time with an increasing amount of good resources for kids. While nothing can replace just sharing the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word with your children, I love that we can use various resources as aids in our efforts to raise our children in the knowledge of God. While I can capitalize on ordinary moments with my children (car rides, doctors office waiting rooms, etc.) I can also utilize a number of resources today so that when my kids are reading, they are reading God honoring things. So that when my kids are watching television, they are watching God honoring shows. When my kids are coloring, they can be coloring things that turn their minds to Christ. The list could go on and on but I am thankful we can utilize various products as tools in this regard.

It’s actually easy today to find an abundance of children’s resources. The problem can come in weeding out the sound from the unsound. In light of that, I hope that we can be a hub for you all where you can come to find thoroughly reviewed and vetted resources for your home, children, etc. We keep a number of resources linked on our Amazon Picks tab and our Christianbook tab and you can also search through the Categories to sift through our blog posts for any type of product(s) you’re looking for. But, today, we’re going to do one of those rare, fun things we get to do and give a blanket endorsement for a company who produces high quality products with great theological accuracy- RefToons.

To quote RefToons founder, Paul Cox, “RefToons was born out of a desire to revive the “old dead guys” from church history in the form of humorous and thought-provoking comic strips. In an effort to preserve their legacy, and bring clarity to some of their teachings through visual storytelling, I’ve attempted to bring these guys to life in the modern world through the medium of comic strips.” And in my opinion, they have done so with great excellence.  

I was delighted to hear RefToons was producing a poetic children’s version of The Pilgrims Progress as it is currently my 3-year-olds favorite movie! The other books I’ve read him on it were for a bit older child but this book was perfect for him as it was short, fun, and beautifully illustrated while also keeping true to the story-line of Bunyan’s original. Even though it is for children, this beautiful story still gets me as I see myself in all these various temptations and rejoice in the freedom that Christian celebrates when his burden is lifted. You’ll find yourself almost singing halfway through as its clever poetic tone bounces from page to page! I’m thankful for a resource like this for my young kids and that the incredible artwork catches their eyes and attention so easily.

I love that about RefToons- everything they produce has great visual appeal and then you read the content and step back, often convicted by the heavy truth they just set forth. You can see a number of their creative comic strips on their social media pages and in a variety of other products they sell, like their bookmarks and stickers that they sent us pictured below.

Now you can appreciate and enjoy Reftoons work every month of the year in 2020 with their new calendar! At a great price and a digital option available, you can use this resource every month to put good theology before your mind as you organize your days to the glory of God. That might sound silly, but we really like to champion the idea of utilizing every single moment and opportunity to turn our minds to Christ here at The Christian Home.

RefToons has a variety of other products here on their website and has decided to partner with us for a giveaway!! They are giving away 3 free codes for their coloring pages download and 3 free codes for a digital copy of their Pilgrim’s Progress Poetic Journey book! (I had to refrain from adding 17 exclamation marks on that announcement). Here’s how to enter:

For Instagram: Follow us @thechristianhome and @reftoons, like our post with Reftoons Products on it, share it to your stories being sure to tag us in it so we will see it, and tag a friend in the comments. Each tag and each share is an additional entry! 3 easy steps!

For Facebook: Like our page & RefToons, share our post with Reftoons on it, and tag a friend in the comments on our post. Each tag and each share is an additional entry! Simple as that!

And you can own any of these products we’ve mentioned here today and many more by heading over to RefToons website which I have linked here for your ease. Now is a great time to be thinking about purposeful Christmas gifts for your children, nieces, nephews, etc. Why not give them a Christmas gift that will aid in ever (Lord willing) increasing their appreciation for the true meaning of Christmas?

We would love to hear what ways you teach your children about church history! Please share with us in the comments or on social media for a chance to be featured. We love being able to learn from one another and partner together as brothers and sisters in Christ to make disciples of our children. May God be glorified in your hearts and homes today, my friends.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

PS: Thank you to Chronicles by a Lens for capturing these sweet little pictures of my 3 year old enjoying his copy of The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Poetic Journey!

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