Feature Friday: The Home and Beards?

Happy Feature Friday!

We’re going to do something a little different today and talk about beards.

Okay, a lot different. But stick with me. Did you know that it is believed that many of the Reformers had beards as a rebellion to the Catholic church and the requirements of monks to be clean shaven? I definitely did not until the owner of today’s company shared that with me and I’m completely fascinated by the idea.

Anyways, part of what makes today’s products so cool is the fact that men are so hard to buy for (can I get a resounding Amen from all my sisters?) Between Christmas, then Valentine’s Day, then my husband’s birthday, then Father’s Day- usually come Father’s Day he gets a good meal and some candy because I have exhausted every idea and gift I had on the previous events. But today, I want to share with you the perfect product for the bearded believer (I’m cracking myself up right now) in your life. Yes you read that right- The Christian Home is partnering with Reformed Beard Oil. Is that not the most awesome and hilarious thing all in one? While you might be enticed by the novelty of the item it’s the quality that will keep you coming back.  

I had my husband test it out for us as he has wanted more success with his beard for some time now. So, he’s put these products to the test for a month now and I asked him to give me his feedback on the products and here’s what he had to say:

  • “They are great for softening the beard.” I can attest to this. I have never let him grow his much because it’s pokey and scruffy (to use some fine diction for you today.) But, ever since starting these products daily, he has seen tremendous improvement and I’m actually not bothered by it! So long as he uses the oils…
  • “My beard being softer and less coarse helps it not curl under so bad so there is less potential for ingrown hairs and a more full look. This is helpful for men who are as ‘facially-folliclely-challenged’ as myself. ”
  • “It smells good.” I can also attest to this. From talking to Ben (the founder of Reformed Beard Oil) he mentioned that one perk to their product is that it is made of all natural organic ingredients. You know exactly what you’re getting with these oils, which is a major perk! And the aroma of the various oils that make up each bottle (The Calvin, The Luther, & The Spurgeon) is superb.
  • “I feel like it’s grown faster.” Well, so far from what little I’ve read about beard oils- this is hitting every point in what you want to look for!

So, why do we want to talk about good gift ideas here on The Christian Home? I believe it’s a wonderful way to serve your home and thinking through good gift ideas to make people feel thought of and loved. I have shared more on my Instagram stories about gift giving and the home but I typically plan for gifts each quarter so that it gives me to time to shop and save and plan. Sometimes as busy moms you don’t have time to think through gifts as thoroughly as you’d like and men are often difficult to buy for. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to bring to your minds a great product that would make an excellent birthday gift, stocking stuffer, Father’s Day gift etc. And in light of it being Reformation Month, you know we love a good Reformed themed product! Also, every time we post a gift idea on here it’s a great time to buy because we will most often offer some type of discount or giveaway!

And guess what? Reformed Beard Oil has generously decided to do both for our followers! They are offering a 15% discount to our audience! All you have to do is click the link one of the following links (The Luther, The Calvin, The Spurgeon) and enter “TheChristianHome” at checkout (also shipping is free!!) And as far as a giveaway goes, Ben sent me several of his products so I’m going to be giving away ONE bottle of Luther beard oil in light of it being Reformation Month! Here’s how to enter:

For Instagram: Follow us @thechristianhome and @reformersbeard, like our post with Reformed Beard Oils Products on it, share it to your stories being sure to tag us in it so we will see it, and tag a friend in the comments. Each tag and each share is an additional entry!

For Facebook: Like our page, share our post with Reformed Beard Oils Products on it, and tag a friend in the comments on our post. Each tag and each share is an additional entry!

If you have neither, simply e-mail thechristianhome@outlook.com on details how to win! The contest ends Monday October 14 at 8 P.M.

Don’t forget to go shop these awesome products and shop early while you’re getting such amazing deals you won’t find elsewhere! I hope you enjoyed this fun Feature Friday! May God be glorified in your hearts and homes today.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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