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Happy Tuesday! I wanted to take today to just share with you a few of my favorite purchases and tell you a little bit more about why I love them so much. On our homepage we have a tab that says “Christianbook” where you can always shop our regularly updated favorite products. But today, I’m going to slow down and tell you a little bit about my affiliation with and some of the things I love.

So part of my starting the Christian Home was out of my desire to bring aesthetically pleasing yet, theologically accurate products together so that they were easy to shop and access. This was one of several motivations but it was one of the top reasons right along with wanting to help families think critically about how they can use every aspect of their lives, even down to their home decor, to the glory of God. I wanted to point out theologically sound books, toys, etc. and just be the website I wanted for myself personally.

So in my search of bringing products together, I realized I could become a affiliate and that would enable me to promote the specific products that I liked from their site here on my page. I hope that I can highlight for you all the products that they have that we love and also (via social media) inform you of various sales so you can get these items and more at great prices. I’ll show you a few specific products that I own from below, speak on them briefly, and then show you a variety of other products they have that I linked (and always have linked on our Christianbook tab) below.

This is a really well made canvas bag and it’s a great size! I’m using this for travel, trips, and well since I’m a mom, a few hours trip over to someone’s house as I tote 5,000 diapers and toys along. Ha! To read more about why this is my favorite bag click here.

If you read our Feature Friday post you know that we love celebrating Reformation Day here at The Christian Home and are making that a bit of a theme this month on the blog. So I ordered this toy for my boys to play with for the month of October! Children are so visual and hands on learners more often than not, so I thought this would be a great piece to pull out only this month each year to make it more fun and meaningful. We are new to celebrating Reformation Day so we are still stumbling through creative ways to celebrate this wonderful holiday.

We love the Pilgrim’s Progress here at The Christian Home. I will write more about this DVD in November but I could not let a post go by without mentioning these resources. And of course, these are excellent children’s resources but adults if you haven’t yet- do check out the original Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. It’s such an excellent picture of the Christian life that will help you identify trials and temptations in your life and remind you of the hope and joy that there is in Christ.

This is my 3 year old’s all time favorite book right now. He has memorized it cover to cover and reads it to us almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Every night, he asks us if we will pray and thank God for Daniel and for shutting the lion’s mouth. Also, whenever he has mentioned being afraid of something recently I have reminded him that he can always pray to God when he’s afraid. He is quick to remind me that’s what Daniel did in the lion’s den and that Daniel prayed to God 3 times a day and would not break the new law. Now, nothing can replace just reading God’s Word to your children- and we’ve been sure to read the actual text to him with the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den. But, this little resource has been extremely helpful in teaching our son some important truths about God and Christian living. For that, I’ll always treasure this little book.

This is the current catechism we are using for our 3 year old. There is nothing more precious in the world than hearing such biblical truth coming out of your child’s mouth. We earnestly pray that the Lord would use these truths to someday bring him to salvation if He wills. We obviously use the kids version with him and the songs that go with them that I’ve linked here have been instrumental in helping him really memorize them.

There are so many more products that I want to mention, and will, with time. But today I wanted to mention the few that are at the top of the list for us these past few weeks! I’m including links to each item mentioned at the bottom of this post. Doing this should make shopping easy for you and it also lets them know that you learned about these products from The Christian Home and you play a part in supporting our efforts here at TCH.

I hope that you enjoy this brief review of each of these items and find some products that you simply enjoy unto the Lord and that you can use with your family to help you all grow in Christ!

The New City Catechism

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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