Feature Friday: Happy Reformation Month!

Happy Reformation Month! And Pastor Appreciation Month! I’m so excited for our lineup this month. We only more recently started to celebrate this month for multiple reasons. One being because we find it an opportune time to teach our children about a pivotal time in Christian history and how it affects us today. Secondly, we love a good reason to celebrate light and all things that honor Christ. Third, well… because it’s just fun!

So if you’re unfamiliar with what the Reformation is, I’ll give a brief rundown and then some resources where you can read more about it. But, the Reformation was a movement that started in response to the Catholic church because of corruption that was happening within it. Men like Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli and several others tried to call out the corruption that was occurring by holding the Catholic church’s teaching up to Scripture. The instigator for this movement was Martin Luther and his famous nailing of the 95 Theses to the door of the castle at Wittenburg. To save some time for what could be a very lengthy post, I’ve included a link here if you’d like to read up more on the Reformation!

Anyways, to kick off Reformation month I thought I would introduce you to one of my favorite reformed companies: Cross & Crest. You guys, this stuff is awesome. I have struggled to know where to begin because I’m so giddy over how fun, sound, and high quality everything they put out is! I thought they would be the perfect company to kick off this month because they have some great pieces you could display, utilize, and wear this month in light of the Reformation and if you’re like us and have a Reformation Day party, use there also! In addition, it’s coming that time of year where everyone starts thinking ahead on gifts and they have a plethora of great ones for the pastor, reformed theology lover, or believer in your life!

I first came across Cross & Crest when I was searching online for some posters for Reformation Month. I spotted their 95 Theses poster and thought it was the perfect look visually for our living room while also pointing to the holiday we were trying to start celebrating. Let me tell you, celebrating Reformation Day is not a super popular event so you’ve got to get creative. While it may seem silly, since here at The Christian Home we believe in using every single opportunity to make much of Christ in our homes and with our kids, this holiday seemed like yet again another opportunity to bring attention to the Lord and His faithfulness to work and move throughout church history.

Cross & Crest was so generous to send us a wide variety of products! I’m including photos of all of those throughout this post instead of going through each individual item for time sake but I think you’ll find yourself both giggling and anxiously scrolling to the links to shop!

These products are great ways to initiate conversation about what God did through the Reformation and how the Lord used these men in service to Christians across the globe and down through history. Whether it be a purposeful poster, a fun t-shirt or mug, some funny stickers- all of what Cross & Crest has to offer would make excellent gifts and products for your office, home, spouse, pastor, friend, etc. I love being able to include gift ideas on here from time to time because I think thoughtful gifting (no matter what the product is) really communicates thought and love to an individual. I try to think very detailed about how to wrap, write, gather, gift etc. when it comes to someone’s gift so that they can know how much we care for them and thought of them. I also think that planning ahead on gifts and thinking through them can be a great way to serve your home!

Here at The Christian Home we champion the idea that good theology matters. I started this blog in part because I wanted to put forth theologically sound items. We are bombarded with weak or erroneous theology left and right today so a company like Cross & Crest who values good theology, good quality, and purposeful living for the glory of God is a no-brainer as a showcase on our blog.

I asked our friends over at Cross & Crest to tell us a little bit about why they started their company and here’s what they said “Cross & Crest started as a way to bring design to the Christian theological community. While we were students of both theology and graphic design, we searched in vain for cool wall art, poser prints, graphic tees, laptop decals, etc., that reflected our Christian biblical theology. But alas, we discovered there just wasn’t much out there. And the kinds of Christian art that was available out there just wasn’t our style. So, combining our training in both graphic design and theology, we decided to just go ahead and make our own designs.”

If you have been following along with us then you know we started our blog out of this same frustration! We’re so thankful for Cross & Crest generosity and willingness to partner with us. While we won’t always be 100% in line theologically with every company, it is always nice to find companies that you can be completely on the same page with. To add to all the goodness, Cross & Crest is going to be partnering with us to do a giveaway for select individuals who subscribe to their e-mails! All you have to do is click this link here and go over to sign up for their e-mails mentioning that you heard of them through The Christian Home and they will be choosing one person a week in the month of October to win free product! You know we love a good giveaway 😉

Don’t forget to follow us (@thechristianhome) and Cross & Crest (@crossandcrest) on Instagram for even more goodies and a more detailed look over each product. In order to shop all the products that Cross & Crest sent us, we’re including links to each of them below. Simply click on the picture and it will redirect you to the item on Amazon!

May God be glorified in your hearts and homes today. Happy Reformation Month!

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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