Feature Friday: Redeeming Meal Time

I heard a woman at my church once say that she often notices walking around the grocery store that mom’s heads are buried in their phones and they are hurried to get their errands done while their children plead for their attention from the basket. She said she understood this but often thought how she wishes she could tell those mothers to slow down and see this moment as an opportunity to teach their children. That instead of rushing from this task to get back to their lives that they see this is a prime opportunity to teach their kids about counting or to learn different fruits or even just their colors. This was one of the comments that got me thinking about how I view life and how I ought to see every moment, no matter how mundane, as an opportunity to teach my kids.

As an aspiring home school mother, this was practically very helpful on how I would/will accomplish what can often seem overwhelming. But, it also spurred the thought in me that there are so many opportunities to use ordinary things (like a grocery store trip) to teach our children about God. Thus, enter part of the inspiration behind The Christian Home. One way I found myself not using my time best was during my kids lunch time. I am often so exhausted that this is my time to catch a breather or it’s work time while I hurry to do dishes before kids resume their play. While both of those are not bad in and of themselves and are still part of our regular routine, I’ve lately been trying to set everything aside and fix my lunch to sit down with them. During this time, I make sure the television is off and insist both children stay where they are until they are finished eating. Then, I try to use this time to have some sort of spiritual conversation with them.

Some days, that looks like just enjoying lunch while we sing our catechism songs or bounce along to our favorite hymns or Christian kids songs. Some days that means I pull out books or stickers or other tools to teach them a Bible lesson. Now, thanks to His Kids Co. I’ve got a whole new way to engage my kids in spiritual conversation during lunch, well, everyday!

His Kids Co. so graciously sent me some amazing mats and I am in love. Not only are they practical (easy clean up and reduces mess), not only are they educational (hello opportunities to work on the alphabet and spelling) but, they also allow me to teach my babies about God. Oh and did I mention you can color on them? So. Awesome. I noticed that what started as me continually pointing to things on the mats to peak my three year old’s interest, turned into him going to tell me what “A” stood for about God before I even mentioned it! Plus, I love the heart behind His Kids Co. as it’s founder, Megan, writes “I started this business after giving my life to Christ as an adult & wanted fun ways to incorporate scripture into everyday life with my little ones so they would grow up knowing God & His word.” She said that since she was an adult when she came to faith, that reality fueled a desire for her “to make sure my children grew up knowing the Lord and it is my hope for all children to have the same exposure to His love & faithfulness as well.”

A practical, easy, mess-less, educational, spiritual tool built into their meal times each day? I’m calling this a big score! I also noticed that its significantly bigger than the sticky mat we already had down for my three year old which again was another huge win. If you’re following along with us here at The Christian Home, you know we love ways to redeem the ordinary for God’s glory and I truly believe His Kids Co. has come up with a great one here with their place-mats. I’m especially fond of the attributes of God place-mat as it has endless lessons it enables me to teach my babies about the God who desires their worship and affection. One of my goals in staying home is teaching my kids everything from a biblical worldview. That includes helping them learn their alphabet as it relates to the Lord!

While we can often find Philippians 4:13 used out of context to make much of our abilities, I think this next Scripture mat is an excellent time to talk about the testimony of Paul’s (the author of Philippians) life with our children. We can talk with them about how Paul was writing this letter to the church at Philippi while he was in chains for preaching the Gospel. We can talk to them about how the end of his life was likely near yet, his ministry continued. He used this position in his life to make much of Christ and proclaims that he has experienced many trials but in it all he was able to endure for the sake of the Gospel because it is God who gives him strength. A 3 sentence yet weighty devotion can be had from simply pointing out this mat to your children. Not only that but this mat is also an opportunity to be reminded to pray for my sons that they would be granted faith like Paul’s and have a love for the Gospel that supersedes any worldly concerns or fear of man. That’s a hard and scary prayer but, one I need the accountability to pray.

So basically what I’m saying is: go order yourselves one stat! I believe His Kids Co. has created a wonderful tool to help us utilize seemingly ordinary moments of our day to point our children’s minds to Christ. His Kids Co. has graciously offered our followers a FREE SHIPPING code on any of their products simply just enter CHRISTIANHOME at checkout. I’ve included an easy link below to send you straight to their website to order! This would make a great time to shop early for Christmas or birthdays while you’re getting a great deal!

May God be glorified in your hearts and homes today!

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

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