Decorating With Hymns

Today I want to write about one of my very favorite things to decorate with: hymns and hymnals. This either makes me an old lady or chic and vintage… you decide. Regardless, there are so many things that I love about hymnals starting with the fact that hymns are full of so much robust theology.

From stacking, to rolled up with twine, to blown up and framed… my home is covered and today, we’re covering it all here at The Christian Home. While finding Christ centered decor can often be difficult, there is no shortage out there of framed hymns or hymn prints that you can easily get a hold of so let’s start there. The first question you need to ask yourself is what hymn do you want to display and why? While we enjoy the good and the beautiful here, our main goal is always the heart. What is your motive for hanging that hymn? How will that hymn help you and/or your home think about Christ?

For me, my all time favorite hymn is “It Is Well With My Soul” by Horatio G. Spafford. Most people are familiar with the story behind why this beautiful hymn was written and if you are, it only adds to the beauty and goodness of it’s lyrics. This hymn reminds me to be content in all things, trusting and looking to the Sovereign God who is never changing even when my circumstances are ever changing. I think my favorite line out of the whole hymn is simply:

Whatever my lot thou’ has taught me to say
It is well, it is well with my soul

It reminds me to depend not on my own strength, but on God who gives me such peace amidst trials. It reminds me that while I am unable, He is able. It reminds me that no matter the degree of difficulty of the trial I’m facing that I, like the apostle Paul, can with confidence say “to live is Christ and to die is gain” Philippians 1:21. Not to mention, it reminds me to preach this truth to myself when I am burdened and struck with despair.

It also reminds me of a funeral I attended several years ago. I was interning at a church for the youth and two of our students were killed in a car accident. They were brothers, one in college and one in our student ministry. It was unbelievably heartbreaking but something I’ll never forget happened at their funeral. As the musicians led the standing-room-only sanctuary in song of “It Is Well With My Soul,” the father of these two young men stood up with arms stretched high and sang loudly with confidence that it was well with his soul. It was the most beautifully strange moment as hearts were humbled and overwhelmed at that kind of faith. He did not waste a moment of his grieving and his sons losses as he spoke time and time again to others of the goodness of God. This hymn reminds me of that faith too.

So, what hymn is it for you that will help you and your home think about the things of God on it’s sight? Whatever it is, there are a number of great companies out there to choose from with various hymn wall décor. You can view some on our Amazon Picks page, Daily Grace Co. page, and our Christianbook page.

Another way to use hymns in your home is to buy some old hymnal books. I have found all of mine at thrift shops and flea markets and they range in price depending on where you get them. You can use them to stack, put between pretty bookends, or you can use the pages for a variety of crafts. I have taken many sheets out of some and framed them or rolled them up with some twine to sit in various places. While not all of these ideas allow you to see the contents of the hymns, do remember that everything we do makes a statement about God.

So, even if my eyes bounce over to the hymn books unopened on my shelf they remind me of several things. They are nostalgic for me growing up singing out of hymnals (nostalgia always causes me to praise God), they often cause me to think about various hymns that I love, and they simply communicate our appreciation for their existence and content. Plus, the especially vintage looking ones provide a nice aesthetic especially when you enjoy that style and are using these small pieces to help bring together and communicate a larger idea through your decor. You can find hymn books at thrift shops, online places like Etsy or Ebay and also I’ll be sharing on my Instagram stories when I get different hymnals in, I sell them for $5 each (+shipping)!

It may seem such a silly small thing to talk about my usage of hymns and hymnals in my home. But our homes communicate something to those who visit and occupy it. I don’t mean that it communicates if we’re cool or sloppy etc. but that it communicates something about our priorities or at least, has the potential to. Even when it’s something as simple as some small rolled up hymns, these little pieces contribute to communicating a message about God through our home. So, how do you use hymns in your home? What hymns do you particularly love? Please share with us in the comments below and on social media for a chance to be featured!

PS- check our instagram stories for more hymns-piration!

May God be glorified in your hearts and homes today.

Macy Tyler
The Christian Home

3 thoughts on “Decorating With Hymns

  1. I love all these ideas! I just saw a hymnal at the local thrift store the other day. I should have grabbed it. My favorite hymn is Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior. I didn’t grow up with hymns, so they hold a special place in my heart now!


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