The Holiness of Morning Coffee

For many tired parents in the trenches of parenting, one of the first things they reach for every morning is their wake-up juice, a.k.a. their coffee. Even if you are not a coffee drinker, you understand the notion of the exhaustion and needing something to help you kick-start another day of serving your family. Not only is this habitual for many folks but it is the center of a number of memes and even has liturgies written about it! All of that got me thinking of the ordinary-ness of the action of making and drinking coffee each morning. If our goal here is to glorify God in all that we do and seeing the mundane as opportunities to glorify God, well, our morning cup of joe is another great mundane moment to redeem for the Lord.

My current favorite read, Every Moment Holy by Douglas Caine McKelvey, has a beautiful prayer for this morning ritual. While I will refrain from writing out the whole liturgy, I thought sharing an excerpt here with you might be a helpful way to think about how you can pray when enjoying your morning coffee.

From the discords of yesterday,
              resurrect my peace.
From the discouragements of yesterday,
              resurrect my hope.
From the weariness of yesterday,
              resurrect my strength.

…Let me enter this new day,
aware of my need,
              and awake

To your grace,
O Lord.


I don’t know about you, but that will get my eyes fixed over a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. As a stay at home mom, sometimes I find discouragement in starting a new day. The weariness of the previous day has yet to fade, the hope of physical help is a distant reality, and I can feel crushed under the weight of my own inabilities to do all that lies before me. But this wonderful prayer helps me to render all of those feelings and thoughts to the One who is able. I think this liturgy (and the rest of this book) are so helpful to think of these ordinary moments differently.

Another way to use these morning cups of coffee to glorify God is by the actual containers of the coffee: the mugs. While my husband is more of the coffee drinker than me, I have come across some beautiful mugs throughout my research for this site that I love. So many mugs that even if they contain simple statements, they sure make me think about the Lord a lot more than a yellow mug does. I’ve included some of my current favorites with a link below that you can easily click on to shop. (I try to keep you up to date on my Instagram stories on when products like these are on sale so be sure you’re following us)

The last way you can glorify God with your morning coffee, but certainly not the least of possibilities, is by the very coffee that you drink. There is a LOT of coffee out there (as I have found upon trying to ever find my husband new coffees to try that he might like). But I have recently come to find various coffee companies who purposefully use the profits from their coffee. One company in particular that I have stumbled upon is Hope Coffee. “When you choose to drink HOPE Coffee, the profit from your purchase goes back to the countries that produced the coffee. HOPE Coffee works with local churches in Honduras and Mexico to support clean water, building and repair projects. The goal? Demonstrate in a very real way the love of Jesus to those in need.”

Since so many of us are already coffee drinkers or have offices or churches that are regularly buying coffee, this is a great product to also help support missions and make a difference for the kingdom. It is such a simple yet impactful thing.  Hope Coffee has graciously offered all of our followers a 10% discount! All you have to do is head to their website here and enter the code “thechristianhome10” at checkout!

What things do you do to help yourself set your mind on things above over your morning coffee? Let us know in the comments! May God be glorified in your hearts and homes (and over your morning coffee) today.

Macy Tyler,
The Christian Home

2 thoughts on “The Holiness of Morning Coffee

  1. Ooooh girl! I LOVE that solideogloria mug! I drank coffee every day since I was 12, until about a year ago when the doctors put me on a certain medication that makes me not crave it anymore. Not sure that I saw the warning for the side effect of “morning destroyer” on the bottle 😂 but I still get up early for my prayer and study.

    Thanks for pointing out another awesome, God glorifying, shop sister!


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