Feature Friday: From Everlasting to Everlasting

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a chain craft/décor store, you have certainly found an abundance of beautiful and adorable nursery designs. The only problem is, well, half of them take a number of Scriptures out of context. I so desired to decorate my children’s rooms with Scripture. Not even just for them but even more for myself and my obedience to God. I wanted to make sure that as I rocked these little boys in the middle of the night, as I changed their many diapers, as I cheered and patted the floor to encourage crawling, etc. that I was continually pointing my mind to Christ. I wanted their rooms to remind me of how to pray for them, of how to raise them, of the God who sees my tiredness and quiet but heavy labors. This was the goal far more than simply a pretty room.

With my firstborn, I could not find anything I was satisfied with but I typed up a few Scriptures on a Word document, printed them off, and stuck them in some frames. Nothing fancy but they worked for me. For my second, I thought I would give it another go in trying to center his room on Christ in a contextually appropriate way. I can’t say that I found a certain Scripture and ran with it but instead, found a non-spiritual piece that I liked and thought about how I could run with it in a spiritual way. Yes, the whole theme for my kids nursery came from some clearance curtains from Target. The curtains were blue with white triangles on them that looked like mountains to me. I thought “you know, I bet there are some great Scriptures that would pair well with this” and that’s how I landed on basing my son’s room off of Psalm 90:2

Before the mountains were brought forth,
or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Psalm 90:2

Now, again, as I will warn you on every post related to my home- my home is certainly not the standard. It’s not particularly fancy or beautiful but, these little things do help us turn our minds to Christ and create conversations within our home about the Lord’s character. It was only recently that I found the most beautiful piece to bring our little boy’s room together (1 year later…oops!) That was a beautiful pair of bookends from Spilled Milk Designs (pictured below).

While they are but a small piece in his room, your eyes cannot help but be drawn to them. They are so well made and beautiful and display the Scripture even better than my little print out. What I also love about them is that even though a day will come when we bid ado to the nursery, these bookends can be displayed in a number of other places in our home without needing to be in a place strictly focused on mountains. Alesha with Spilled Milk Designs has so many beautiful pieces and offers the option of doing custom pieces like these beautiful bookends she made for me!

While Spilled Milk Designs is not an exclusively Christian company, I asked Alesha if she would mind sharing how her faith came into her work and she said: “My shop got its start from an idea that sparked while picking up a bunch of ‘trash’ wood triangles one day. Loving all things craft, décor and DIY, I couldn’t resist the challenge of creating something with these pieces. Within minutes, I envisioned mountain and teepee bookends- but what I didn’t envision was how much God would use this new creation to remind ME of how good He is!”

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2

Not only does Spilled Milk Designs have beautiful pieces AND love Jesus but did you know that they were featured in HGTV magazine? Oh yes! For her beautiful mountain bookends like the custom ones she made above for us! And to add to all of this goodness, they have graciously decided to give our followers 20% off these beautiful bookends or any of their products! Simply use the code CHRISTIANHOME at checkout at the link here to receive it!

What ways have you incorporated Scripture into your children’s rooms? Tell us in the comments below! May God be glorified in your hearts and homes.

Macy Tyler,
The Christian Home

3 thoughts on “Feature Friday: From Everlasting to Everlasting

  1. I love this! And the idea of mountains! When my daughter was little I had picture frames with verses on them but I wasn’t saved yet so they probably weren’t even in context. Now we travel for my husbands work, and the company puts us in furnished housing that’s pre-decorated. It’d still be nice to have some stuff of our own here and there!


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