The Kitchen, Nostalgia, & Scripture

Here’s how I really want to write this blog: These are cute, the Bible is good, nostalgia is helpful, let’s all buy these.

BUT, I suppose I can elaborate a bit even though that sums it up pretty well. Anyways, for some reason for me my kitchen has been the hardest place to decorate. It has taken me some time to decide what I want to communicate in that space. The theme I picked out when we first got married got old to me quickly so I’ve been reworking the space since we moved into our home.

When I think about a kitchen, I think about my Grandma. It’s probably the place she spent the most time when we were around. I have so many fond memories of not only devouring delicious meals that she cooked up and tailored to the specific wishes of me, my brother, and my cousin but of many conversations, dancing and laughs. Not to mention, it reminds me of seeing her sitting at her kitchen table devouring God’s Word (see what I did there?). I think about her more when I’m in the kitchen than any other time. She passed away just 5 years ago and she was one of my favorite people, my role model, and my friend. When her cancer progressed and she knew she was moving towards the end of her days, she gave me several items from her kitchen that were special to her. I’m still trying to figure out how to display some of them in a child friendly way but one thing I chose to display (and pull down to use) is her rolling pin (pictured below).

I remember making cookies and playing with that rolling pin as a kid and now I use it to make pizzas, cookies and more with my family. As my Grandma was probably the greatest spiritual influence on me, these moments make me think about more than just passing down traditions but instead remind me of the legacy of faith I desire to have for our family. For that reason and because of the sweet nostalgia of thinking about my godly and loving Grandma, I love having old kitchen tools displayed in my kitchen. They remind me of opening the cabinets in her kitchen and playing on the floor with all of her various cooking items (most of which belonged to her mom or grandma). They also just remind and encourage me in my current role as I recall the fact that my Grandma was a homemaker whose impact was anything but small.

“The past is a great reservoir of knowledge and wisdom. Where else can we learn anything except from the past? The future hasn’t happened yet.” – John Piper

So, after a very long search over time for ideas via Etsy, I came across these four prints from Art for the Masses. These prints allowed all those ideas to collide as they brought together kitchen equipment with Scripture that each item could stir your thoughts to Christ upon their sight and use. I also thought that while my style is not farmhouse specific, they would be a great addition to some farmhouse style kitchens and I had to share them with you all. For me, not only do the Scriptures these signs display help me to meditate on the Word, but the very nostalgia that the pictures stir up in me cause me to praise God.

I love nostalgia. I’ll talk about it often on here because I find it to be a common thing in decorating our homes and found myself wondering “what is it about nostalgia?” While nostalgia seems to be purely emotional, it has the ability to stir your affections for Christ as you reflect on His kindness to have granted those moments, memories, and people. Nostalgia can be useful in trying or dark times to remember God’s faithfulness and kindness in times past. Nostalgia can produce thankfulness in our hearts for the life or people God has given us when we can so often neglect to see them as worthy of thanks. It reminds me of God’s sovereign plan over all of my life and encourages me to rejoice in Him. John Piper says that God gives us the past not to paralyze ourselves with disappointment, but to use it for gratitude, repentance, faith, and knowledge. (You can hear his take on nostalgia at the link here– it is very good). Furthermore, I feel all those things when I see these prints.

Art for the Masses has graciously offered our followers a 10% discount if you type “Christian Home Blog” in the notes to seller then enter the promo code THANKS10. They have several options size wise: 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20. I purchased the 8×10 prints and you could easily customize the look of the prints in your home with whatever frames that you select! Just go to the link I have included here to view and purchase: click here for prints

So while today’s entry is simple, I hope it reminds you the helpfulness of nostalgia, that your work in the home matters, and that it provides you a great deal on some cute purposeful prints. While it is unseen largely day to day right now, do not underestimate the impact your work in the home will have in the years to come. Hundreds of people showed up to my Grandma’s funeral. The funeral home said it was one of the largest that they had ever had. Imagine that, a “simple homemaker” who packed house with story after story about her generosity, hospitality, and commitment to Christ. May God be glorified in your hearts and homes today, sisters.

Macy Tyler,
The Christian Home

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