Feature Friday: O Happy Handmade Home

It’s Feature Friday! In fact, it’s our very first one and we are beyond thrilled to introduce you to this awesome company who is… (drumroll please)Handmade Haven Sign Co! If you are not already following them on Instagram you need to stop what you’re doing right now and go follow them. I have officially ruined you on shopping brick and mortar for anymore beautiful wood signs. From the quirky to the seasonal to (our favorite) their faith based signs, they have it all. Not only do they have beautiful pre-made pieces but they also can be commissioned to create unique custom pieces for your home.

I have been following and admiring Handmade Haven for some time now and they were high on my list to message when launching this blog. When I first contacted Katie Sandifer, she loved and jumped on the idea. After reading through our posts, she was drawn to the hymn that we feature often that helped inspire our name “The Christian Home” by Barbara B. Hart. Within days, she turned our favorite line into a beautiful piece that I now get to admire in my home forever. I have yet to ever see this hymn anywhere on any type of products but Handmade Haven Sign Company just made my vision a reality. Let me tell you a little more on why I love this hymn so much…

I loved the words to this hymn because it so beautifully encapsulated the work of the home. The work of the home often feels so unimportant and meaningless but we know this work is anything but that to the God who has called and equipped us for it. It is surely possible to do the work of the home and it be simply common. In many ways the work is common regardless. But, it is anything but lacking in meaning “when it is done O Lord, as unto Thee!” That is my heart and the hope of this blog to encourage in each of you.

Forever this sign will remind me of those things. It will remind me of the gift of working in the home and the holiness of lovingly wiping bottoms, cleaning dishes, teaching the alphabet, doing laundry and more. It will be something the Lord will use to renew my focus on Tuesday when the daily demands seem endless and my energy is far from revving. And, if the Lord sees fit, it will comfort and encourage the other momma’s who come and sit on my couch. I cannot think of a better piece to own as a homemaker and/or mother.

“This is my ministry and I’m blessed by God to share His words through simple wood and paint.”

One thing we love to do here is not just offer products that we believe are theologically accurate but to also find companies who understand the importance of using the home to God’s glory. When talking to Katie about her faith, work and home she said “I came up with ‘Handmade Haven Sign Co.’ as a way to reflect what I’m about: building a haven for my family with my own hands, strengthened by God. My prayer, that I pray over all my signs as they leave my hands and ship out all over the country, is that God would bless the sign’s new home and make Himself known to those living there. This is my ministry and I’m blessed by God to share His words through simple wood and paint.” See why we love her?

Handmade Haven Sign Co has graciously offered a 10% discount to all of our followers for this piece or any others! All you have to do is go to their Etsy page that I have linked here then enter the code “TCH10” at checkout and you can order this beautiful original! For custom orders you can simply e-mail Katie at handmadehavensignco@gmail.com.

What Scriptures, hymns, or quotes do you need in your home to turn your mind to Christ? A sign from Handmade Haven is one of those purchases that are beyond worth it and carry more weight than simply something pretty to look at (though it is undoubtedly that also). Let Handmade Haven Sign Co assist in inspiring you and your home to look to Christ. May all that we do be done to the glory of God!

Macy Tyler,
The Christian Home

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