Set Your Mind on Things Above

Well, officially, welcome to The Christian Home!

Our goal here is to help families utilize every thing and every moment to glorify God. We’re focusing primarily on the home and child-rearing and various products or companies that can help us to do that. I pray that this will be a beneficial and fun resource for your home. I am beyond excited to take this journey together and think we should just jump right into it! For a little background information on what our mission is here and myself (Macy), I’d encourage you to read some of the previously posted blog posts and check out the “About” tab at the top of our page. Now, let’s get to brainstorming how we can glorify God in our homes together!

One thing I learned in setting out to display Christ through our decor was that I did not have to spend a lot of money to make this all possible for my home. In fact, you really don’t have to spend any at all. While I can appreciate and enjoy a nice aesthetic, all that is really needed is just something to aid you in setting your mind on things above. You could accomplish this simply with a post-it note or note-card and tape. Whatever it is, the goal is just to put something up that will make much of God through your home’s viewing of it.

One way my husband and I decided to do this was to post the 5 Solas of the Reformation on the largest wall above our couch. However, this is not something I had seen at any brick and mortar or even been able to find at any online store either. So, we decided we would just “DIY-it.” It was an idea I had conjured up in my mind but I had no idea how the actual execution of the project would turn out as I often joke that I can come up with ideas for days but the actual crafty aspect well… it’s not my greatest strength. Regardless, my husband and I set forth to attempt this project. It would be the centerpiece of our living room and what everyone’s eyes would be drawn to first once stepping into the room. We knew that it would serve as a reminder for us, a lesson for our children, and a conversation piece for those entering our home. Thus far, all of those things have been able to happen by God’s grace alone.

But I will be honest with you, it’s not the most pretty thing you’ve ever seen. We realized pretty quickly that our painting skills were subpar. Much like our penmanship. However, it was something we did together for our home. I have often thought of commissioning someone to paint us a far more appealing version of it since then but, these carry something so much more special for me. And this is another layer of what The Christian Home is really about.

“I have a deep love for nostalgia and I don’t find that enjoyment to be purely emotional but something that reminds me of the kindness of God…”

While I have an appreciation for the minimalist aesthetic (not the philosophy), it’s just not for me. I have a deep love for nostalgia and I don’t find that enjoyment to be purely emotional but something that reminds me of the kindness of God as I recall the laughter, memories and purpose for creating those canvases with my husband. So, in my home, my walls are full. But they are full of warmth and joy and stories to us. The 5 Solas canvases hanging above my couch are a constant reminder that it is by grace alone (sola gratia), through faith alone (sola fide), in Christ alone (solus Christus), according to Scripture alone (sola scriptura), and for the glory of God alone (soli deo gloria) that we live. It’s been a conversation piece for friends and family who have been unaware of their meaning and I plan to use it as a tool to talk to my children about our purpose, where our hope lies, and what our standard of truth is.

But, for my husband and I it’s also this sweet reminder of the vision we have for our family and the life we’re building together. All glory be to God, but I am so thankful for a husband who shares my vision and who encourages and leads me in it. These pieces make me think about that too. They remind us that even when the days feel like endless work of feedings, changing bottoms, toddler tantrums, messy dishes, etc. that we are doing all of this for a greater purpose. That purpose being to glorify God with the hopes of leaving a legacy of faith and making a true Gospel impact in the world through our children. We believe that our children are our primary disciples so we pray that the Lord would grant them faith and use us as a tool by which He does so as we seek to use every moment to His glory.

“…we have the ability to make the hub of our lives, the resting place for our families, the classroom for our children a place to put Christ on display…”

This is why I started the Christian Home. It can seem like such a surface level thing. But, we have the ability to make the hub of our lives, the resting place for our families, the classroom for our children a place to put Christ on display. From the items hanging on the wall to the activities done with our children to the liturgy’s and books we read to our coffee mugs… no matter what it may be, my hope and my greatest aim is just to do all things unto the glory of God and encourage families to do the same. My prayer for this blog is that it would be fun and enjoyable for you as well as helpful and a blessing. I am hopeful that you will find ideas, companies and products that you love to help purposefully adorn your home and teach your children. Ultimately, I pray God would be glorified (have I said that enough yet?) Let our motive not be simply for beauty but to glorify God in Christ.

While we have so many wonderful products, companies, crafts, and ideas to share with you in the days ahead, let us not be fooled to think we must open our wallets to accomplish our mission. Let us also not be fooled to think that everything in our home must immediately be matching and aesthetically appealing. Instead, let this little decoration of ours instill a passion in you to think critically and live purposefully for the exaltation of Christ. And remember, that does not have to cost you a thing but your efforts.

I’m excited to take this journey with you. To God be the Glory.

Macy Tyler,
The Christian Home

PS: I’ve included a picture and link below of a great 5 Solas wall decor item that you can purchase if the DIY route is not for you. Simply click the link below the picture to order. To copy our 5 Solas Canvases, just go to your local craft store and grab 5 rectangular canvases, a small thing of paint and a little paintbrush and you’re good to go.

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