Till Every Common Task Seems Holy

“O happy home, where each one serves Thee, lowly, Whatever his appointed work may be, Till every common task seems great and holy When it is done O Lord, as unto Thee!”

I love decorating and redecorating my home (and on a budget!) and since I’ve only been a home owner for a few short years, I have had to try to decide what kind of style I want in each room of my house and how I want people to feel when they enter the rooms. If you pay any attention at all, it’s no secret that the farmhouse, galvanized, all things shiplap trend is what dominates the decor market right now. While I love it and enjoy incorporating aspects of that into my home as well as here, I’m not really a full blown farmhouse gal. So while my home has been predominately made up of furniture and decor given to my husband and I by family to get us through (what a blessing!) we are finally getting to the point in our life where we can really make it ours and have a cohesive effort to communicate something through the way we decorate our home.

So after endless Pinterest searches, too many binges of HGTV shows on Netflix, and simply trial and error; I finally figured out the theme for our home. And not to sound too Sunday school but: to point to God and His glory.

I’m sure that sounds obvious or cheesy but in trying to discover what I want to communicate through our home other than the word “warm” I felt this pressing need to view my home as my classroom. With two young children who are only 3 and 1, it may be quite some time before they acknowledge what hangs on our walls. However, my husband and I feel the Lord desires we homeschool them and any future children He sees fit to bless us with (I know- we’re freaks!) so I want to be able to utilize even the very decor in our home to teach them about God and His goodness.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve really altered the way I view our home because well, as any of you stay at home moms know, I spend 99% of my time inside these walls! So after a considerable amount of time sitting and nursing babies and now chasing them around the house, I realized that this was not just the place we sleep (duh). But, our home is our classroom (not just for school but for discipling our kids), it is our relaxing place, it is our little oasis, its where all of our sanctifying happens. So, I want to utilize every element of life available to me to point both my husband and I and our children to Christ.

However, when I began to look on Pinterest “Christ Centered Home Decor” or “Christian Home Decor” the ‘pickins’ were slim. And I was met with far too many old time-y paintings and articles and not enough ideas that were modern, fresh, not too cheesy, and easy on the eyes. So, here I am to help! I hope that this blog will connect you with various ideas on how to utilize your home to point your family to Christ, give you ideas on activities or conversations to have in your home, and help you find a renewed vision for the mundane work in your home. It can seem so pointless to wipe bottoms, do laundry, and pick up the kitchen ALL day EVERY day but I hope with the help of the Spirit and this blog, your home can become a happy one where “each one serves [God], lowly, whatever his appointed work may be, till every common task seems great and holy when it is done O Lord, unto Thee!”

2 thoughts on “Till Every Common Task Seems Holy

  1. I love this, Macy! I have felt the exact same about decorating our space. I was searching YouTube maybe 2 months ago for yummy inexpensive meals to make for new moms and I came across a Mom who had scripture/truths in every nook and cranny in her house. Everywhere the camera turned there was a reminder of who God is, who we are in Christ, and it was sooo encouraging/inspiring to me! I thought too how her children are constantly reading God’s Word and how its just soaking into their hearts just by walking around in their home. I want that for my family as well. Love that you’re starting this amazing space to help sisters in Christ create homes for their families that glorify God. So excited and happy for you!


    1. What a great testimony! That’s certainly my heart and I’m so happy to see you share it also. I hope you’ll benefit from this space and enjoy it! Thank you for your encouragement & for sharing your story & excitement!


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